Receptions and buffets

Reception or buffet is a very prestigious event, very often combined with company presentation of public relation activities.

There are many opportunities to make new business contacts or communicate with colleagues or partners. In this case we would like to recommend a buffet combined with other programme (theatre performance etc). The capacity of our restaurant and lounges is 100 guests.

It is possible to organize receptions at the pool bar and attached lounge or in the restaurant. For big groups of over 100 guests we arrange larger gastronomy centers where the meals are served in different interiors and exteriors according to its character or type of cuisine (welcome drink and cold buffet, fish specialities, Moravian style cuisine...).

Park hotel Brno reception Park hotel Brno reception

For better price orientation here is an estimate for a buffet (cold and warm) for some 30 guests. Meat will be cut in front of the guests.

(max. capacity is 150 guests)

Buffet – variation I.
10 pcs Vegetable variation 490,-CZK
1 kg Cold plates (cheese, ham, salami...) 990,-CZK
1 kg Fine turkey roulade 1 120,-CZK
1 kg Fillet of pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried 1 260,-CZK
1 kg Tortellini with champignon 719,-CZK
6 kg Hot smoked ham sliced in front of the guests 9 280,-CZK
Bread, rolls about 600,-CZK
30 pcs Creamschnitt 1 050,-CZK
25 pcs Tiramisu 1 500,-CZK
Total 17 009,-CZK

Buffet – variation II.
1 kg Cold plates (cheese, ham, salami...) 990,-CZK
1 kg Smoked salmon 1 920,-CZK
1 kg Roastbeef rolls filled with asparagus 1 870,-CZK
1 kg Piquant chicken breast 1 260,-CZK
1 kg Fillets of pork Parma style with Parmesan 1 690,-CZK
1 kg Fruit salad with walnuts and honey 640,-CZK
5 kg Leg of lamb sliced in front of the guests 8 250,-CZK
Bread, rolls about 600,-CZK
30 pcs Small pancakes with jam 1 020,-CZK
25 pcs Cream dessert with strawberries 1 500,-CZK
Total 19 740,-CZK

Park hotel Brno reception Park hotel Brno reception

In the summer we recommend you to take advantage of our terrace where we can arrange for barbecuing steaks, roast pigs or pork cutlets. In the winter steaks could be flambéd in our interiors. Favourite specialities are pork cutlets or lamb sliced in front of the guests.

The wine could be served during a wine degustation or on special tables with short characterization of each wine. For your pleasure we are able to arrange for a local folk band or any other cultural programm (singers, actors, sword show, bartender show…).

There are many possibilities outside PARK HOTEL which offer a wide range of activities that we can organize for you – your meeting/event can take place on a boat, at a go-kart circuit or in a wine cellar with guided wine degustation.



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