From Prague


Prague Interactive map

From Prague follow the highway D1 until you reach exit 190 in the direction Svitavy, Brno – výstaviště, BVV. You will drive for about 3km, go through the „Pisárecký tunel“ and then take the SECOND right in direction „BVV – clo“. After 200m you will reach the high road where you will turn to the right and and then twice to the right in the direction Jundrov. On the crossroad with lights you will again follow the sign Jundrov and turn left. You will cross the river Svratka and take the first right. You will drive some 100m and PARK HOTEL will be easy to find on your left.

You can park in parking boxes in front of the hotel or with help of the receptionist you can find a free parking space at one of our parking lots.



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