Banquets and parties

For parties we arrange in the restaurant or in one from our many salons. The celebration could be combined with swimming pool party in our covered and heated swimming pool with rock waterfall.

For your better price orientation here is an example of a festive menu for 10 persons (max. capacity of the main room is 60 persons)

All these menus include a small show – the chef completes the flambé in front of the guests.

Park hotel brno banquets Park hotel brno banquets

Typical Moravian cuisine -- variation I.

Rolled ham with horseradish and whipped cream 59,-CZK
Traditional fillets of beef with cream sauce, cranberries and peck of whipped cream225,-CZK
Czech dumplings 44,-CZK
Homemade small pancakes68,-CZK
Menu for 10 guests 3 960,-CZK

The dessert – homemade pancakes– will be completed by chef in front of the guests. The smoked ham will be sliced in the same way

Typical Moravian cuisine -- variation II.

Beef bouillon with liver balls 58,-CZK
Smoked ham for 10 guests, 2500g 3 450,-CZK
White, red and Moravian sauerkraut 39,-CZK
Czech dumplings 39,-CZK
Rolled cake with apples and whipped cream 54,-CZK
Menu for 10 guests 5 350,-CZK

This following menu can be classified as a traditional Czech speciality and it´s delicious for foreign visitors because there are not so many heavy meals (such czech dumplings, cabbage…). Pancakes Suzette could be flambéd in front of the guests.

Park hotel brno banquets Park hotel brno banquets

Menu -- variation III.

Boiled asparagus wound in a roll of dried lard with Dutch sauce 136,-CZK
„Moravian sparrow“, roasted pork 149,-CZK
Spinach 39,-CZK
Potato dumpling 39,-CZK
Pancakes Suzette flambé 149,-CZK
Menu for 10 guests 5 120,-CZK

Another variation, leg of lamb, could be sliced and completed in front of the guests.

Menu -- variation IV.

Peach filled with chicken cocktail 64,-CZK
Leg of lamb with garlic and madeira sauce 298,-CZK
Potato croquetes 35,-CZK
Apples coated in rum batter and fried 98,-CZK
Menu for 10 guests 4 950,-CZK

Park hotel brno banquets Park hotel brno banquets

We are able to arrange for a live folk band, festive slicing of cake or guided wine-tasting which can be done in several foreign languages.



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