Wedding is one of the most important days in one´s life. We would like to offer a realization of your dreams in our small chateau. We feel responsibility for arranging the beginning of your new life. Many guests appreciate our assistant services (planning all necessities and working closely with you in case of difficulties). After a short meeting with you we prepare a pre-calculation. Then you can opt for the best combination of price and services.

Park hotel Brno wedding menuv Park hotel Brno wedding menu

We can arrange for:

  • storing, cooling, and decoration of your own sweets and cakes
  • planning the seating order and printing name cards for the wedding table (included in the price)
  • transport, a photographer or a cameraman
  • flower decoration on the tables, cars, church and wedding bouquet or myrtles
  • live music
  • your special wishes – our standard services

For a better price orientation here is a complete calculation of a standard wedding for 30 guests

  • When you arrive there can be a live band playing music while the procession of wedding guests walk into the restaurant. The newly-weds can walk on rose leaves. In front of the restaurant we wish you joy and happiness for your new life and welcome you to the wedding table. The table will be decorated with flowers, sweets and a wedding cake (which we will place on a special table). A table for wedding presents and other flowers is goes without saying. According to your wishes we arrange for local or other traditions.
  • Flowers, decoration of tables and cost of consummation of your own sweets – about 3 500,-CZK according to the price of flower decoration.
  • Sometimes it is suitable to introduce the plan of the whole day to the guests, say a few words about restrictions concerning smoking or restrictions of spirits consummation paid by the host. Then we will pass the word to the wedding guests. Afterwords we serve the menu and keep the wedding cake cool.

Park hotel Brno wedding menu Park hotel Brno wedding menu

Wedding menu for 30 guests

Bohemia regia brut – sparkling wine1 300,-CZK
Rolled ham with cheese cream and horseradish 1 770,-CZK
Beef bouillon with liverballs and homemade noodles 1 740,-CZK
Traditional fillets of beef with cream sauce, cranberries and peck of whipped cream 6 750,-CZK
Dumplings czech style 1 320,-CZK
Menu total 12 880,-CZK

There is no problem to prepare half portion for children or a special menu for vegetarians.

After the wedding menu we arrange for slicing of the cake and serve coffee. Very popular is a fruit bowl:
Fruit bowl 1 800,-CZK

In the evening ít is possible to combine a barbecue on the terrace and cold buffet

Barbecue on the terrace

2 kg Pork cutlet 2 520,-CZK
1 kg Turkey breast 1 450,-CZK
1 kg Chicken breast 1 260,-CZK
2 kg Home-made sausages 1 980,-CZK
Salads, extras, bread, sauces 2 900,-CZK
Barbecue total 10 110,-CZK

Park hotel Brno wedding menu Park hotel Brno wedding menu

Cold buffet

1 kg Plate of ham, salami and others 990,-CZK
1 kg Cheese board with slices of Gruyere cheese, blue cheese, ermine, sheep cheese and parmesan, wine grapes sprinkled 990,-CZK
1 kg Fresh and smoked salmon "tatar" style with grated apples and lemon drops served on the toasts 1 580,-CZK
1 kg Fine turkey roulade 1 120,-CZK
Bread… 300,-CZK
Buffet total4 980,-CZK

During the wedding party there will be a table with wines and spirits at the guests´ disposal. The host can thus descreetly and effectively manage the consummation of spirits and and the total amount.

Rough calculation of drinks

Soft drinks3 150,-CZK
Coffee espresso 1 050,-CZK
Beer1 500,-CZK
Wine4 500,-CZK
Spirits, liquers 2 100,-CZK
Drinks total 12 300,-CZK

The standard price could be around 1000-1500,-CZK per 1 guest in our hotel.

An important part of the wedding party is a wedding night...



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